Poker Play with Credit Cards in NZ

There’s a whole world of online Poker play at your fingertips in New Zealand today, and we at are here to help you navigate it. This includes tips on playing, and of course reviewing the best sites in the country.

It also includes helping you make the all-important decision of how to manage your money online. After all, you need to know that it’s totally safe and secure if you’re going to be able to focus properly on your game strategy. That’s why, just as with our site reviews, we’ve lined up all the most popular options for you to peruse here. At the of the list, unsurprisingly, are credit cards.

These cards and accounts have been trusted with offline transactions for years, and they’ve transitioned to the digital world very smoothly. Using your cards in live Poker rooms is just as easy as using them live. You don’t even need to set anything else up; you simply log into your chosen New Zealand site and make your way to the cashier interface.

From here you need to choose the Deposit or Withdrawal option, depending on what you’re doing, and then choose your card from the drop-down menu that appears. If it’s the first time you’re doing it at any of the sites we recommend, you’ll need to enter all of your personal and financial data. This will all be stored and then conveniently Auto-filled in for every future transaction. After this, you just need to say how much money you want to withdraw or deposit, and you’re good to go.

As a savvy New Zealand online player, we know you’re aware of security risks and we know you want assurance that your funds are safe. You can rest assured that all of the sites we review take their own strong precautionary measures, and that every credit card transaction is also protected by the latest SSL encryptions.

TOP Credit Cards poker roomsJuly 2024
RankPoker SiteNZRatingBonusPlay
1 IE allowed5/5200% Bonus Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Bonus Play now

Even More Advantages to Online Credit Cards

This encryption technology was specifically developed to safeguard online transfers, and is widely regarded as the industry gold standard. In fact, studies have shown that your money is safer online with these measures than it is offline! Card fraud and identity theft are real concerns, but they’ve been dealt with very well.

Besides being very secure and easy to use, there are other reasons why you should use your credit card when playing online Poker in New Zealand. There are very low fees involved, so you’ll save money, and some sites actively reward you for using your card so you’ll make even more in the form of exclusive bonuses. The Poker sites themselves benefit when you choose this transaction method, so they make it even more attractive for you to do so.

Your funds will also be available to use more quickly than is possible with almost any other online banking system, so your playing should be as seamless as possible. If all of these perks make using credit cards seem like the right solution for you, try it out at some of our recommended New Zealand rooms now and see what you think!