Best NZ Online Poker Tournaments

When online poker first arrived on the scene, many people wondered just how well it would work and if it would actually take off. Without being able to see other players and the dealer, many people were sceptical of how accurate the game would be. Today we know that answer to that question is yes, it does work and it works well. In New Zealand, thousands of players log on and play poker online for real money every day. For many players the best part about playing internet poker is joining in on poker tournaments. As with land based poker clubs, online poker sites offer a range of tournaments designed to suit every player.

For any poker enthusiasts, online poker tournaments are ideal. They give players the opportunity to win a massive payout with a relatively small buy in.  The first type of online tournament we are going to look at is called a Sit & Go tournament. These are becoming incredibly popular in New Zealand and all over the world. Online Sit & Go’s usually comprise of one to two tables and begin as soon as all the seats are filled. The payouts generally go to the top three players in the tournament. Many poker sites will offer multiple Sit & Go tournaments in a day depending on the site and the demand.

Some of the most commonly found poker tournaments are the multi-table tournaments. Almost every New Zealand and international mobile poker sites will offer some type of multi-table tournament. Here players buy-in and receive a set number of chips. When you lose all your chips, you are bust and you exit the tournament. These tournaments take place at multiple tables with a set number of players at each table. As players bust out, the remaining players are distributed to other tables to continue playing.

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Shootout Poker Tournaments

Shootout poker tournaments are a combination of multi-table and Sit & Go’s. In New Zealand, shootout tournaments are becoming more common. The playing field starts off much larger than many of the other tournaments. Here all players stay at a single table until there is only one winner at the table. All the winners of the first round will then be set against each other until there is a single winner again. This will continue until there is only one table left and one winner who takes it all.

Where to Play Online Poker in New Zealand

In addition to the above mentioned tournaments, many New Zealand and international online poker sites also offer standard weekly poker tournaments. These weekly tournaments usually have a guaranteed set prize. Anyone can enter the tournament from the more experience players to the novices, subsequently attract a lot of players. If you are keen to get started winning some money playing online, here at you can find a comprehensive list of the best online poker sites in New Zealand. All you have to do is sign up with any of our top-rated poker sites and you can be playing in some of the biggest tournaments in the country.